Dynamic Environmental Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to LR Consulting - Dynamic Environmental 
Solutions to preserve the Environment for the new generations to come and strive towards a Sustainable and Innovative Future by controlling, monitoring and reducing Gaseous and Nanoparticle Emissions.

With Over 20 years International experience on R&D, Project Management, System Engineering and Emissions Control Technologies for the abatement of Gaseous & Nanoparticle emissions, LR Consulting provides the best cost-efficient environmental solutions to your business. 

Deep technical knowledge & strong business acumen  to successfully break down complex R&D projects and find cost-effective, innovative solutions. Outstanding relationship builder with different Stakeholders, EU Commission, Governmental Authorities & Agencies. Problem-solving and Strategic decision making with long experience in leading cross-functional teams in multicultural environment.

Core Values: Excellence, Trust, Diversity & Sustainability.
 "Embrace yourself and the Environment"


Air Quality, Emissions Reductions, Nanoparticle emissions Measurements & Filtration, R&D, Aftertreatment Systems, Systems Engineering Solutions, Environmental Sustainable Solutions, International Vehicle Emissions Legislation & Compliance (NPTI), Technical Leadership, Large Multicultural Teams Coordination & Management, International Patents & IPR, Technical Seminars, Mentoring, Paper Peer Review, EU Funding Proposals


Complex R&D Projects, Systems Engineering, Nanoparticle Emissions & Filtration, Aftertreatments development, Gasoline Particle Filters (GPF), Emissions Legislation, Vehicle Type Approval & Compliance, Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI & NPTI), Design for Six Sigma - Black Belt


Innovation Techniques for Gaseous and Nano-particle Emissions Reductions (LDV & HDV), New Ideas & Concepts for Environmental and Health Protection, Business & Product Development, New Systems Engineering Solutions, Innovation Seminars, Mentoring, Conference & Workshops

Dr. Lauretta Rubino

Founder & CEO

International Technical Expert with over 20 years experience in Project Management, R&D, After-treatment Systems, Nanoparticle emissions measurements & filtration, Gasoline Particle Filters, Systems Engineering, PEMS, Alternative Fuels, International Emissions legislation, EU Emissions Policies, International Patents & IPR. Proven track record in acquisition and execution of projects, effectively managing simultaneous workstream & a variety of stakeholders. Work experiences in Universities (Imperial College London, University of Toronto, University of Rome Tor Vergata), Research centre (EU Commission JRC), OEMs (GM, PSA Group, OPEL, STELLANTIS), Filter manufactures (CORNING) & Coaters (Johnson Matthey), Instrument Manufactures (SENSORS). External expert and proposal evaluator at EU Commission (HORIZON EU projects). A Leader, strong execution Project Manager, problem-solver & strategic decision maker with the ability to break-down complex R&D projects and lead large cross-functional teams in multicultural environment. Full profile:

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